Korendijk – Den Eenhoorn

Korendijk 34A
apartment korendijk 34a Middelburg
Overlooking the canal and the Lange Jan tower makes this one our most popular apartment. It contains everything you need.
Korendijk 34B
Apartment Korendijk 34b Middelburg
This three room apartment has a ceiling with beams from old ships. Situated in which once was one of the main storage facilities of the VOC.
Korendijk 34C
Apartment Korendijk 34c Middelburg
This 100m2, three room luxury apartment offers great views on the canal and the ‘Lange Jan’ tower.
 Korendijk 34D
Apartment Korendijk 34d Middelburg
The apartment contains three rooms. Wonderful white washed wooden floors. Kitchen with lime stone counter top..